Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Fashion Icon

So, I promised I would write about my shopping trip with Audrey and her friend, Alexia after it happened. Well, here goes! To say the least, my daughter has a unique style about her. I knew that she would love Rue 21 (plus, it helped that I had a 40% off my entire order coupon) and I was right. She was in preteen heaven. Normally, you wouldn't take a ten-year-old into Rue 21 because it's geared toward teens and young-at-heart-adults. But, Audrey is not your average-sized ten-year-old. Audrey is nearly five feet tall and weighs close to 100 pounds. She is the size of most 13-year-olds. So, it is safe to say she has grown out of children's sizes and has moved into juniors sizes, a little to my chagrin, but what can ya do?

Audrey was immediately drawn to all the fluffy skirts. There were more ruffles than you'd find on Madonna in the 80s on these things--it's amazing how styles go full circle. She got a few skirts, some leggings to go under them because, after all, modest is hottest! =) She got a ruffly shirt and a cute little hat and a few other things. She got a pair of boots and a cute little pair of black flats with "diamonds" on the toes. She is turning into quite the lady. We got her a pair of jeans and a pair of black slacks. All in all, this kid made out with a lot of great stuff and I didn't even have to spend an arm and a leg thanks to my thriftiness (thanks, Mom). That evening, after I had run ten miles and was sitting miserably on the couch in my PJs after just having thrown up twice, I tried to enjoy their fashion show. But, after about two outfits, they could tell I was dead on arrival, so they all went downstairs to watch a movie while I climbed wearily into bed. Overall, it was a good day, and I have to say I am impressed with Audrey's eye for unique, yet cute, outfits. Now, if only I could get her to shower everyday, we'd be good to go.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My 30 Pounds

I know, I's been a very long time since I wrote. Things have been busy, what can I say? I hit 30 pounds lost this morning since I started this journey back in February. It has taken me FOREVER mostly because I had a three-month hiatus and said screw it and gained back 12 of the 20 I had lost. But, now I am back on track at 191.8, EXACTLY 30 pounds less than when I started. I still have 42 to go, but only six more pounds and I will be halfway there! That's quite an accomplishment. I am also running my first 10 mile run tonight. Wish me luck! Well, I wish I could talk longer, but I have to get ready for my shopping date with two of my favorite preteens in the world, Audrey and Alexia. We are going to shop til we drop for new clothes for Audrey. It's about time I actually bought her some new clothes. I have been blessed for the past ten years not to have to buy anything for her and just receive generous hand-me-downs from friends and family. But, now that she is coming into her own style, she gets new clothes as a late birthday present. I am sure it will be quite entertaining! I will tell everyone all about my two big adventures that I am going to have later this week! Wish me luck.