Monday, August 18, 2014

My Exhaustion

I am tired.  I think this has been the sentence to describe my life since I started going back to school in 2010.  It seems like all I ever do is clean or study, neither of which I am ever very excited to do (especially cleaning).  The studying has been paying off, though.  I have gotten straight A's the past two semesters in an attempt to bring up my pitiful 2.9 GPA, which is COMPLETELY unlike me.  I guess moving to a new state and trying to get situated and then being sick for three months straight will do that to even the best of students.  Not that I am necessarily the best of students, however.  I mean, I am going to UTA, not Harvard or Yale or somewhere like that.

Either way, being tired seems to be the way I describe my life all the time.  Some might look at it as being lazy, but not me.  And, not only am I physically tired, I am truly MENTALLY tired!!  My brain has been fried recently, especially now that I am nearing the end of my Bachelor's Degree path.  Wow.  That's kind of a big deal for me.  I have this fall semester, consisting of 4 classes all squeezed into two days a week, which I am going to LOVE!  I can't wait to only have to drive two days a week.  Then, in the Spring semester, I have the internship in Plano which I am BEYOND excited for!  Then, in the summer semester of 2015, I will be taking three more classes which serve as a bridge to the graduate program and I will be DONE with my Bachelor's degree!  I can't wait.  It has been such a long time coming.  Of course, that won't be the end of my school journey, but at least I will have a degree in hand and I will finally be able to start a career.

Even though school always seems to consume my life and my conversations, I promise there is more that is happening for me and my kids.  The kids have spent a very boring summer in the house with Audrey babysitting while I go to school, so they are actually excited for school to start--I think.  I wish I could have taken them somewhere fun for the summer, but it just wasn't in the cards for us and I don't think it will be in the cards next summer either.  I will make it up to them at some point, but for now this is the way life is.

Mike is working hard as usual.  It is especially daunting for him in the heat of the summer, but according to long-time locals, this summer has been an especially mild one.  Ouch.  If that's the case, I would absolutely HATE to be here during a "hot" summer.  That is one of the reasons that Mike and I have been seriously tossing around the idea of moving again.  Texas just hasn't felt like home yet and we have been here over two years.  But, we have to stay a little longer, and only time will tell what will happen in the future.  In the meantime, we will try to make the best of our situation, count our blessings, and crank up the AC.