Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Friend's Husband

I babysat Amy when she was very little. She was always very hyper and excited. We went to church together and when she was a Beehive, I was a Laurel. We were always really close. Then, she got older and started dating Justin. He was a great guy, but they weren't married yet, and they had a little boy together, Layne. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them because after being together for so long, they finally got married and became a little family. I babysat Layne for about a year as well and he was so much fun! Justin ended up getting baptized and as far as I know, they were making plans to go to the temple.

This morning, I got a call from my sister saying that Amy's husband died a few days ago. I can't believe it. To be honest, I guess you just think people are invincible and something like this comes along and hits you like a ton of bricks. They were such a cute family and I can only imagine how hard they are taking this, especially Layne. To lose your daddy at such a young age (only 9) is such a difficult thing. My thoughts and prayers are with them for sure. But, this also got me thinking about my own husband.

How quickly life can be taken! You never know when your last moment might be with the ones you love. Maybe instead of whining tonight when Mike asks for a little him-time, I should gladly be with him because I don't know if this might be the last chance I have. Who wants to know that the last moment you had with your spouse was a fight over something so precious as love? I sure do love Mike with all my heart. I love my kids with all my heart as well, and all my family and friends. Take the time to call someone you've been meaning to call for a while now, or take that extra moment to show your kids you really care about them, or take that extra few seconds to give someone a hug as they leave the house. You never know if it might be your last chance.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Body

I was inspired for this post by my sister's post from yesterday, although hers was much shorter than mine will be. But, that's the way I roll...and roll...and roll...I tend to ramble. Anyway, I was thinking about bodies in general, and about mine more specifically. I have never really been a fan of my body since I was about 8 or so. Before that, I thought nothing of it except that it allowed me to do what I wanted like play in trees, dance, sing, make up stories, and just about any other thing a body can do. When I was eight, I remember going to the doctor's office and being scolded for my weight and the potential of being an "obese adult" if I kept eating the way I was eating. That moment in time really stuck with me and I have never been able to shake this obsession I have had since then.

As I got older, I slimmed down as most growing kids do. By the time I reached the end of high school, I was 5'8" and about 165 pounds. Honestly, I would kill to be that now, but at the time, I still thought I was too fat. Then, I went to college and due to living in a small town (Cedar City, Utah), I walked everywhere and since I lived in the dorms, I never really snacked on anything and just ate at the cafeteria when I was hungry. So, I managed to lose about 10 pounds which brought me to the lowest I've ever been as an adult and I felt GREAT! I felt so powerful and beautiful, the kind of feeling that I should have been having all along! Then, I got married and I relaxed quite a bit. I didn't have to impress anyone anymore and Mikey likes me just the way I am, big or small. For that, I am truly grateful, but in some small ways it's a curse because I don't feel like I need to try to improve myself.

This is where miracles started to happen. My body not only gained and lost and changed in so many ways, but I was also able to grow four little other people inside of my body. What a miracle!! Think about it for a minute. I stare at myself sometimes in the mirror, and most of the time, I have a look of horror on my face. But, if I would just think about what came out of that huge, saggy, deflated balloon belly, I might look at it differently. I'm not the heaviest I have ever been now, nor am I the lightest. But, I think I am the healthiest. I have learned over the years that it is so important to treat my body how it should be treated! I need the right fuel and the right exercise to keep myself going. I don't know if I felt so good in college because I was skinny or because of the work I did to get myself that way. Either way, I felt good, and I know that if I do the right work, which will make me feel strong and good, the losing weight thing will follow naturally.

Anyway, I just wanted to share those thoughts with those of you who might be feeling the same way. Have a great day, everyone! And, remember that we are all different, thank goodness! If we were all the same, life would be so boring!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Longest Run Ever

That's right, folks! I ran my longest run ever last night, or at least it felt like it! It even felt longer than my half marathon which is 13.1 grueling miles! Now, I only ran 3.32 miles last night. I say "ran" for lack of a better word, or maybe because it is easier than saying I mixed running and walking. Regardless, I "ran" those miles, but in addition to the running, I was pushing my bike trailer/double jogging stroller which had both my youngest girls inside. Keep in mind that between them both you are looking at about 85 pounds. Then add in the weight of the stroller itself which is a good 10 or so and you are looking at nearly 100 pounds! Plus, I ran/walked/pushed it up to Sonic. Now I say "up" because I truly mean "up." It is a very slow incline at first, but then it steepens quite a bit and Sonic is at the end of 1.66 miles uphill most of the way. I got the kids each a little treat and I asked for the biggest water they had because brilliant me forgot to bring a water bottle.

The kid came out on his roller blades and boy, did he deliver the biggest water ever! It was their most giant cup (which is I think 32 ounces) filled with fresh, icy cold water. Ah, it never tasted so good. It was funny to see the kid's reaction when he saw us because I turned to him, with a beet red, dripping wet face and smiled. This is quite a look I get when I really push myself physically. I have very blonde eyebrows, almost clear and my face turns as red as a tomato, I am not even joking. I'm used to it now, but if someone sees me who doesn't know how I get, it's quite a shock. This kid fit the shocked expression bill to a tee. I thanked him for the stuff and started guzzling the water. Then, I made Emma hold it in between her little knees. I swear, the cup went from the floor of the stroller past the tops of her knees in a sitting position! It was huge!

Then, I started the treacherous journey back down the hill. I had thought that maybe the way back would be easier because the decline would pull the stroller which would in turn pull me. But, that wasn't the case. My lungs couldn't take it and honestly, I think they might have burst if I would have continued running. So, I did the old power walk back down the hill to my house. I don't think I looked quite as funny as those little old ladies you see power walking together, hips a-swaying and arms seesawing frantically. But, I am sure I looked pretty darn close. I am very proud of myself for even making it as far as I did. It took almost an hour, not including the stop at Sonic. And, even though that is the slowest time for me on a run (which I can't really include because I haven't pushed a stroller on a run in at least 8 years), I did it. I guess that's all you can really hope for is that you will finish what you start. That is what I am going to do from now on. I really don't have any excuses anymore, especially now that I have pushed 100 pounds uphill for what seemed like forever! (Now imagine "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus playing in the background and you'll get inspired too!) Have a great day everyone!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Cub Scout

Well, I just spent a good ten minutes writing this cute little entry about Dallin (again, I know). Then I tried to post it and it was erased!! Crap! So, now I have to write again. So, here goes. Please understand that I do think of my children equally and love them equally, but lately Dallin has been doing a lot of things that are too funny not to share. Last night he and I went on a bike ride date. I took him to the Jordan River Parkway, which is this beautiful stretch of bike and running paths next to the Jordan River. Anyway, I was all excited to take him because I thought he genuinely loved to ride his bike. Well, I was wrong! We only rode maybe four miles total which on a bike shouldn't take very long. But, because he was complaining most of the time, it took us just under 45 minutes. I couldn't believe it! When I was his age, I LIVED outside during the summer. Now, my kids would rather spend most of their time inside. I try to limit their TV time, but I am wondering if I should just take it away altogether so they are forced to be creative and to be outside. "My knees ache, there are bugs on me, my butt hurts, this is taking forever..." The list goes on and on as to the complaints that came out of that boy's mouth! I swear, that was not the way I planned our little date, so honestly, I am not entirely sure I will ever want to try it again with him.

On a more positive note, he is attending his first-ever Cub Scout Day Camp today. He is so excited. We had to be at the church at 7 this morning and he was up in my room fully dressed at 6:15. When we were waiting at the church for everyone to arrive, he was acting a little goofy with the other boys, then he came over to me and whispered, "Mom, I am SO nervous." It made me a little teary-eyed, but luckily, I kept it together. I gave him a kiss and a hug and I told him that he was going to have so much fun! On the inside I was screaming that we needed to hop back into the van and race home and I was never going to let him leave me. But, I know that he won't grow if Mom always coddles him. Luckily, my dear friend, Carina, is going to be there all day, so she told me she would keep an extra eye on him. That made me feel much better! Tomorrow when he goes, Mike will be with him all day, so I will definitely rest easiest tomorrow. Let's just hope he doesn't get asked to do any physical exercise at camp, otherwise those leaders are going to get a taste of what I did last night! I don't know, though. Aren't kids always much better for other adults? Yeah...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Blast From the Past

We recently got Netflix. I swear by this program and I wish we would have gotten it sooner. We hooked it up through our Wii so the kids can watch any TV show that they want (just about) any time they want (when Mom says it's okay). I rarely join them, and my experience with Netflix is the DVDs through the mail. I love it! I can keep the movie for any amount of time I want, then when I am done, I just send it back in the mail and they send me the next one on my list. But, two days ago I decided to join the kids and watch streaming Netflix.
Since I was watching, which I don't usually do, I demanded that I be the one to choose what we watched. I was browsing through the selections they had and the movie "Fame" that was recently made was one of the movies shown. It made me remember the TV show "Fame" that was on in the 80s, so I checked for it. I didn't know it, but that show only lasted two seasons! At least, that's what Netflix said. Anyway, I vaguely remember an episode of it that I especially loved. Keep in mind that this show was on in 1985, at which time I was six years old. So, my memory of it was from a six-year-old's perspective, which meant it was the coolest show ever! I flipped through all the episodes and finally came to it: The Wizard of Oz episode!! I don't know if any of you who read my blog have ever seen this episode (besides you, Caradon. Of course.) but it was basically the story of Wizard of Oz set in the school of the arts that the students attended. It was very cheesy with the halls of the school lined with sheets of shiny streamers and large paper flowers pasted over them. Miss Sherwood was the wicked witch, Mr. Sorofsky was the wizard, Leroy the scarecrow, Bruno the tin man, Doris as get the picture. Anyway, I watched it with a smile on my face and eyes wide at the memories that flooded back to me. It was still as cheesy as ever in all of its 1985 splendor, and it was amazing how quickly the whole premise of the show came back to my mind. It's amazing what you pick up when you are six years old!
Once it was all over, I sighed happily and turned to my kids who had been watching it with me. They were all grins too, and I smiled at the thought that I may have created a childhood memory similar to my own to pass on to my children. Needless to say, I will be watching streaming Netflix a little more now! After all, I have two seasons of Fame to watch!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Son

Well, it's been two months since I've written and I feel like a turd. Sorry. Now's as good a time as any to start back up, though, right? Well, my son is today's topic. He has been eight for two months now and we finally got him baptized on July 9th. We waited that long so that Adam, Katie and Jonathan could be here too. It was a wonderful thing. I can't believe how old my little boy is getting! I remember when he was first born! He has turned out to be a really great kid so far. Not only is he sweet and loving, but he is also a very hard little worker and most of the time he is quick to do what I ask him to do. He adores his dad and spends every waking moment with him. He's also a funny little kid too. The past few days he has desperately wanted to set "the world record for staying in only your underwear all day, Mom!" But, I have been pretty mean and made him leave the house with me to run errands, so he hasn't been able to set his record. I guess I will have to set aside an entire day devoted to just staying inside the house so he can finally set his world record! I doubt that he will make it into the Guiness Book, but he can try! I love all my kids so much, but there's definitely a special place inside my heart for my one and only son. I pray every day that he will grow up happy and kind and grow to be a great man like his dad. I am such a lucky mom to have the four best kids in the world!