Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Skirts

I haven't been able to fit into most of my skirts, dresses, nice slacks, or button-front shirts for quite some time. It's so frustrating because what was once too big a year and a half ago is now too small. It really upsets me that I let myself go so far. I have attended our new ward here now for five weeks and I have worn the same skirt and shirt each time. I'm sure everyone is wondering if I own any other clothes! It's becoming my church uniform! But, sadly, it's because none of my other cute skirts fit! This one just BARELY fit and I couldn't wait to get out of it after three hours of torture!

So, I figure I have two choices. One, I can go buy more clothes, or two, I can lose weight. Both of these options are very difficult for me. I RARELY buy anything for myself. I can't seem to justify spending money on clothes for me when my kids need new shoes or clothes, or Mike has been waiting forever to have new boots, or something on the house needs fixed, or something on the car needs fixed...the list goes on and on! So, I don't feel that my clothes should take priority. On the other hand, losing weight is a very slow and tedious process. It involves a lot of extra activity, cutting out foods that I love (at least in the portions I am used to) and not any extra laying-around time.

I had to choose one. So, since money is a much more daunting obstacle than losing weight, I went with the lesser of the two evils. I decided to lose weight. Again. How many times have I "decided" to lose weight in my life? Probably 75 or more, not even joking. I am happy to report that I am getting back into a groove. I have been going strong for 5 1/2 days now and I haven't messed up once. I think a lot of my motivation is coming from finally getting my head right again. Now, I know I am going to have to wear my uniform a few more weeks. But, it won't be long until I am finally able to put on another skirt and prove to my new ward that I do, in fact, have other clothes. That will be one sweet day indeed.


Lemonhead said...

yyyeeeeaaaaaah! GO LINDS!!! you'll get back where you were! We'll be doing Dirty Dash together in spirit! You can totally do it!! Love you! -Sam

Penny said...

Boy do I know how you are feeling! But you can do this!! You've done it before so you know exactly what it takes! I'm so grateful that I'm not alone in this fight!