Thursday, August 23, 2012

My First Day of School

Well, my first day of school was an interesting one to say the least!  I left the house 45 minutes early to give myself plenty of time to get there and get into the class.  Keep in mind I was leaving Audrey in charge for more than an hour for the first time ever, so I was a little nervous and preoccupied.  I was driving through a school zone and I thought I was going pretty slowly, but apparently not slow enough.  I got pulled over and was given a ticket for going 30 in a 20 mph zone.  Then, traffic was absolutely crazy at the school!  I hope this isn't the way it will be all the time there!  It was bonkers!  It took me half an hour to find a parking spot which ended up being almost half a mile away from the building I needed to be in.  I'm not even kidding!  So, I literally had to run to get to my class and I was still about five minutes late.  I HATE being late!  Luckily the professor was late as well, so I wasn't marked as being tardy. 

I can tell that I am going to enjoy this Business Law class a lot more than the online one I took at SLCC.  For one thing, I am going to get more out of listening to a teacher than I did just from reading the book.  Plus, this professor is quite funny.  He is older, about 65 or so.  He has a very thick Southern accent and he has all kinds of funny words for things.  He seems very nice and very knowledgeable.  The class is huge!  I counted my half of the room and there were about 42 people just on my half!  So my guess is there are close to 75 people in the room!

Tomorrow is my management class and my math class.  I am most fearful of the math class.  I love math, but this will be business calculus!  I haven't taken calculus since my junior year in high school!  We will see how it goes.  By the way, Audrey did really well and everyone was safe and sound.  That doesn't mean I won't be freaking out tomorrow the same way I did today.  Let's just hope I don't get another ticket on my way to school!


Carina said...

You taught me a few things. 1. Don't speed in a school zone. 2. Especially not in Texas. 3. I worry a lot less than you about leaving the kids. Faith has been watching the boys for at least a year regularly and before that on and off while I ran a few errands. The kids are fine. They usually watch movies, which I am Ok with because we don't watch TV much. 4. You are going to love school. 5. I miss you, but I am happy for you. Sorry about the stinky ticket.

Lemonhead said...

Um, I'm pretty sure you don't get marked tardy in college. :) I'm so proud of you!! -Sam