Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Transition (Utah Edition)

So, as anyone who knows me knows, we moved back to Utah.  This was a life decision that came on incredibly quickly, and before I even had a chance to blink, we were here.  It has been...CHAOS.  I have broken down into tears multiple, multiple times.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be back, but trying to get my kids and myself enrolled in school has been an absolute NIGHTMARE.  The moving part has been the easiest part.

I am excited to be back in our old home.  I miss Texas.  I wish I could move everyone I loved in Texas over here to Utah to be with me.  That would be ideal.  But, that can't happen, and that has been a hard lesson for my little Audrey to learn.  Last night she was in tears, and lots of them.  It reminded me of the conversation we had when we moved from Utah to Texas.  She felt the same way then.  It wasn't long before she had made new friends and was quite happy.  I know that will be the case here as well, but I also know it's going to take a bit longer because she is in high school now, and she was in elementary school when we moved to Texas.

Dallin is all registered for junior high and this morning I watched him walk away from me at his school and I was getting a little teary-eyed.  I keep praying that he will have fun and that he will make friends.  That is my main prayer: that he will make some really good friends that are a good influence.  But, it has always been hard for Dallin to make friends because he is very awkward socially.  I know that he will be all right too.  It's just hard for me, as a mom, not to physically walk with my kids to school every day and announce to all the other kids, "Hey, this is my kid!  This is a really cool kid!!"  I wish I could.

It has been an easy transition for Emma and Claire.  Although they miss people in Texas, they are excellent at making friends.  I know that it will be quick for them.  No problem.  As for me and Mike, well...we are good.  That's one nice thing about moving back somewhere that you lived for five years.  There are still lots of people around that you loved before and you can pick up where you left off.

There is this saying that goes, "You can't go home again."  Well, it is my goal to prove that saying wrong.  You can.  At least, I hope you can...

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Samantha Christensen said...

You just recreate your "home." :) Love you guys!