Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Happy Day

Today is good. Today I ran four miles in my best time yet...44 minutes. That is an 11 minute mile. Usually I run at least 11:28 per mile. Thank goodness for my iFit from my hubby. Oh, how I love him and the support he gives me in all this! It was a beautiful day today. Not too hot, just 70 degrees and a small wind blowing. The sun is shining, and there are people out doing yardwork, there were even some nice sprinklers to run through. Now, I am home, feeling good about myself, looking around at a nice, clean kitchen, again, thanks to my awesome hubby. All I have to do is make the bed, straighten up a few little things and vacuum. Then, I can rest and start in on my homework. Of course, there's always time in between those things to do a little update on my blog. Priorities, ya know! =) I hope you have as happy of a day as I am having, people!

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Carina said...

Way to go Lindsay! I am glad it was such a nice run for you. I wish I would have started the running when you suggested it. I think it would be fun to run the 5K. Oh well, if I walk, I will still have stamina for the long hike we are doing that day to see the beautiful fall leaves. :)