Friday, June 21, 2013

My Feelings of Normalcy

Well, we have been in Texas now for almost 18 months.  And I am FINALLY starting to feel like it is somewhat home.  I had no idea until now that it is so difficult for me to adjust to new situations.  But, what is funny is that I LOVE change.  I am never satisfied with any one thing for very long.  Whether it is constantly changing my hair color, or rearranging furniture--it doesn't matter how small the change or how big, I love it.  But, maybe this move was a bit bigger than I anticipated.  Either way, I am finally starting to feel normal.  As I sit here typing, I am looking around my home and I know without any doubt that a HUGE contributor to that feeling of being home is the home itself.  I LOVE my new house.  I miss my Utah house intensely and it would be great to be back in it someday.  But, since I have to be here, at least I am in a place that I feel good about showing off to people.  It's kind of nice.  I am going to put pictures up, because those are worth a thousand words.  But, before I do, here are three things I like about me.

1. I like my feet.  If they weren't so nasty, I wouldn't have any way to get attention from Mikey.  Ha ha, just kidding, but he sure does treat me well.  Sanding my feet with his power tools is just one of many ways.

2.  I like that I am crafty.  I recently cross stitched a piece for Penny for her birthday and it turned out GREAT!  I am really proud of it, and better yet, she loves it.

3.  I love that even though my body is not where it should be, it has taken me through many races, survived many bumps and bruises over the years, and best of all, it has given me four beautiful children.  What more could you ask of something?  And, yet I treat it like crap.  I'd better rethink that aspect of my life. 

Okay, on to pictures of my beautiful home.

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Breestyle said...

Its a BEAUTIFUL home Lindsey!! I love it! It looks HUGE. How many square feet is it? I miss you SO much. I whish you blogged more :P..but hey..I'm no better. Lots of Love xoxoxo