Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Eyebrows

Well all, I have decided on another topic of discussion eyebrows. As most of you know, I rarely wear makeup except at church. So, if you only see me at church, you might think I always wear makeup. But, I don't. And because I don't, you must know as well that my eyebrows are so blonde, you cannot hardly see them unless you look closely. It is the same way for my leg hair, but that is an entirely different topic of conversation.

Anyway, starting back at the beginning of June, I have been dying my eyebrows about every three weeks so I don't have to use eyebrow pencil anymore and so that even when I am not wearing makeup, my eyes will still stick out and be obvious. Well, I have done it professionally (with a wax as well) once and I have done it myself (with a wax as well) twice. Yesterday was my second time and I think I messed it up royally. I really did a number on my eyebrows. The wax wasn't too hot or anything, but I think I scrubbed the dye off my skin so hard that some of the skin actually came off with the dye. Then, on top of that I did the wax to get the stray hairs, which can't be good for open sores! There's also little stray dots of wax around my eyes that I can't get off, even on my eyelashes. The skin around the dyed brows is so red, it makes me look like a babushka or a bushman. It's horrible.

Luckily, this morning it looks a little better and the redness has gone down a little bit, but it still hurts like the dickens. So, the moral of the story is: Don't ever let me dye and wax your eyebrows. You WILL be sorry! =)


ChasingChasey said...

Duh, why don't you just get the fantastic Mary Kay eye brow pencil. It is only $10. Love you.

The Jenkins Family said...

Did you not READ my blog? I HATE using eyebrow pencil! =)

Carina said...

Aha-ha. I am glad that you let me know you do not have brown wax stuck on your face. That would have been PURTY! I can relate though. I have had a few too many casualties from vanity.

Holland said...

Haha well Babushka, I sure did love this story, as much as it probably sucked royally!! I would go professionally from now on! I too pencil my eyebrows every morning. A hassle, but I honestly think I'd rather do that than go through what you went through! :)