Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Insight

Yesterday we had a fun BBQ at my sister, Caradon's, house. We went swimming, we ate good food and we lit some fun fireworks. Let me elaborate on all of these:

First, the swimming. To put it nicely, I hate going to swimming pools. For one thing, there are too many people who are obviously in love with their bodies. Now, this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if they weren't narcissistic about them as well! Women who walk, hips swaying, only three little pieces of fabric covering their you-know-whats in the front and an even smaller piece covering the back. It's a little scary. I almost feel like I need to cover my innocent children's eyes to preserve their childhood! Then, there's the men who have spent the past half hour flexing to get their veins bulging just so they can walk out into the pool area hoping and praying some pretty girl with the least amount of fabric will look, maybe nod, give a comment, something!

Then, there's me. Now, I don't feel as bad about myself as I used to wearing a swimsuit. Granted, I have a while to go before I reach my ideal, but I have come a long way from where I used to be. But, buying a cheap swimsuit, let me tell you, is not a good idea. I bought this suit last summer and it did me well that year. But, this year, after pulling it out of the mothballs, for some reason it has stretched beyond recognition. It's fine when it's dry, but as soon as I jump into the water and get it wet, and then climb out of the pool, the little skirt part of it hangs down to just below my knees. It's one of those tankinis. The fact that my skirt hangs down so far wouldn't have been a bad thing in 1910, but nowadays, I'd probably get more wondering stares than those people flaunting body parts that ought not to be flaunted! So, I ended up walking around most of the day with my skirt in a wad in my fist so it wasn't hanging down to my ankles (which was the case at the end of our little jaunt.)

Besides the fact that I lost Dallin at least three times during this outing, and the fact that Claire clung to me for dear life until she finally braved the wading pool 45 minutes into it, the day was fun (except for the horrible eye "candy" in the form of the narcissistic 20-somethings.)

Then, there was the barbecue. There isn't much to report here except that I ate well for the first time in weeks! I didn't give into the fudgsicles, or the crab salad, and I ate a gardenburger without a bun instead of a hamburger! I gorged on watermelon, and ate my two-point-per-cup-fruit-salad that was delicious. I was very proud of myself for the first time in weeks yesterday. In part, I was helped by a quote my sister had taped to her wall. Maybe it will help some of you as well. It goes like this:

A commitment is the honoring of a decision. When you are commited, you allow nothing to deter you from reaching your goal. You are disciplined even when you are not feeling motivated. Discipline is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the mood has left you. Making a commitment is being willing to put forth all your efforts and taking responsibility for the outcome.

Isn't that great? Overall, I had a fun Fourth of July Celebration. I hope everyone else did as well and realizes how blessed we are to be a part of such an amazing and free country. Love you all!


Lemonhead said...

I love the quote. Ü I need to hang that up somewhere at my place too. Sorry I was one of those girls sporting the 3 pieces of fabric...if it makes you any better I didn't love my body in it. I was wishing I would have purchased a one-piece this summer. I had a lot of fun yesterday with everyone. I adore your kids!

The Jenkins Family said...

No, Elise, I wouldn't have put you into that category. I am not against bikinis in general, I am against the type of snooty, full-of-themselves girls that wear them. You are not one of those girls, so no worries! =)