Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Death

I have decided on a few good ways to die. The best way would be in my peaceful sleep next to my husband when I am 95 years old. The next best way would be to die in my sleep even if my husband weren't there with me when I am 95. After that, the ways are all downhill from there. Nothing other than those two ways would really be preferable, but there are a few I can think of that I would not like. I would not like to fall off of something really high. The anticipation of what was coming would really suck. I would not want to drown, because I just can't imagine getting water in my lungs. I would definitely not want to die in a fire because of the tremendous pain. But, mostly? I would not want to die while running. That's truly how I felt this morning and I think I would have keeled over at any moment if I didn't know my kids were home by themselves and I was half a block away from them.

Today was my "Wednesday's going to suck, I have to run five miles" day. Normally, these past few long runs, I have done really well on my time, I have never stopped to walk; I have been really proud of the way I have performed these last few times. Today's run stopped that trend dead in its tracks, no pun intended. I was SO tired. I think that was the main problem. I wasn't thirsty, I had a drink the whole time. I was kind of sore from the weight lifting I had done the day before. I was really tired from the fact that I had gone to bed around midnight the past two nights. Ugh. Just so you all know, running would not be the way to go. Do yourselves a favor and remember that when we all plan our deaths, don't make running the way we die. It's just not worth it!


Jessie said...

Whenever I feel like my run is going to kill me, I just think of how hot I'll look in the casket. Don't know if that helps. :) Way to keep pushing yourself! You inspire me!!!

Adam said...

"Wednesday's going to suck, I have to run five miles"

-Awesome Linds

The Jenkins Family said...

Thanks, Addie. I will forever blame you for my love of running. I SO wish you could be there for my half. I will send pictures of me crawling over the finish line.