Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Longest Run Ever

That's right, folks! I ran my longest run ever last night, or at least it felt like it! It even felt longer than my half marathon which is 13.1 grueling miles! Now, I only ran 3.32 miles last night. I say "ran" for lack of a better word, or maybe because it is easier than saying I mixed running and walking. Regardless, I "ran" those miles, but in addition to the running, I was pushing my bike trailer/double jogging stroller which had both my youngest girls inside. Keep in mind that between them both you are looking at about 85 pounds. Then add in the weight of the stroller itself which is a good 10 or so and you are looking at nearly 100 pounds! Plus, I ran/walked/pushed it up to Sonic. Now I say "up" because I truly mean "up." It is a very slow incline at first, but then it steepens quite a bit and Sonic is at the end of 1.66 miles uphill most of the way. I got the kids each a little treat and I asked for the biggest water they had because brilliant me forgot to bring a water bottle.

The kid came out on his roller blades and boy, did he deliver the biggest water ever! It was their most giant cup (which is I think 32 ounces) filled with fresh, icy cold water. Ah, it never tasted so good. It was funny to see the kid's reaction when he saw us because I turned to him, with a beet red, dripping wet face and smiled. This is quite a look I get when I really push myself physically. I have very blonde eyebrows, almost clear and my face turns as red as a tomato, I am not even joking. I'm used to it now, but if someone sees me who doesn't know how I get, it's quite a shock. This kid fit the shocked expression bill to a tee. I thanked him for the stuff and started guzzling the water. Then, I made Emma hold it in between her little knees. I swear, the cup went from the floor of the stroller past the tops of her knees in a sitting position! It was huge!

Then, I started the treacherous journey back down the hill. I had thought that maybe the way back would be easier because the decline would pull the stroller which would in turn pull me. But, that wasn't the case. My lungs couldn't take it and honestly, I think they might have burst if I would have continued running. So, I did the old power walk back down the hill to my house. I don't think I looked quite as funny as those little old ladies you see power walking together, hips a-swaying and arms seesawing frantically. But, I am sure I looked pretty darn close. I am very proud of myself for even making it as far as I did. It took almost an hour, not including the stop at Sonic. And, even though that is the slowest time for me on a run (which I can't really include because I haven't pushed a stroller on a run in at least 8 years), I did it. I guess that's all you can really hope for is that you will finish what you start. That is what I am going to do from now on. I really don't have any excuses anymore, especially now that I have pushed 100 pounds uphill for what seemed like forever! (Now imagine "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus playing in the background and you'll get inspired too!) Have a great day everyone!!

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CaradonandtheBoys! said...

Good job, Lou!! That sounded really hard, and I am very proud of you!