Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Blast From the Past

We recently got Netflix. I swear by this program and I wish we would have gotten it sooner. We hooked it up through our Wii so the kids can watch any TV show that they want (just about) any time they want (when Mom says it's okay). I rarely join them, and my experience with Netflix is the DVDs through the mail. I love it! I can keep the movie for any amount of time I want, then when I am done, I just send it back in the mail and they send me the next one on my list. But, two days ago I decided to join the kids and watch streaming Netflix.
Since I was watching, which I don't usually do, I demanded that I be the one to choose what we watched. I was browsing through the selections they had and the movie "Fame" that was recently made was one of the movies shown. It made me remember the TV show "Fame" that was on in the 80s, so I checked for it. I didn't know it, but that show only lasted two seasons! At least, that's what Netflix said. Anyway, I vaguely remember an episode of it that I especially loved. Keep in mind that this show was on in 1985, at which time I was six years old. So, my memory of it was from a six-year-old's perspective, which meant it was the coolest show ever! I flipped through all the episodes and finally came to it: The Wizard of Oz episode!! I don't know if any of you who read my blog have ever seen this episode (besides you, Caradon. Of course.) but it was basically the story of Wizard of Oz set in the school of the arts that the students attended. It was very cheesy with the halls of the school lined with sheets of shiny streamers and large paper flowers pasted over them. Miss Sherwood was the wicked witch, Mr. Sorofsky was the wizard, Leroy the scarecrow, Bruno the tin man, Doris as get the picture. Anyway, I watched it with a smile on my face and eyes wide at the memories that flooded back to me. It was still as cheesy as ever in all of its 1985 splendor, and it was amazing how quickly the whole premise of the show came back to my mind. It's amazing what you pick up when you are six years old!
Once it was all over, I sighed happily and turned to my kids who had been watching it with me. They were all grins too, and I smiled at the thought that I may have created a childhood memory similar to my own to pass on to my children. Needless to say, I will be watching streaming Netflix a little more now! After all, I have two seasons of Fame to watch!

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