Monday, July 18, 2011

My Son

Well, it's been two months since I've written and I feel like a turd. Sorry. Now's as good a time as any to start back up, though, right? Well, my son is today's topic. He has been eight for two months now and we finally got him baptized on July 9th. We waited that long so that Adam, Katie and Jonathan could be here too. It was a wonderful thing. I can't believe how old my little boy is getting! I remember when he was first born! He has turned out to be a really great kid so far. Not only is he sweet and loving, but he is also a very hard little worker and most of the time he is quick to do what I ask him to do. He adores his dad and spends every waking moment with him. He's also a funny little kid too. The past few days he has desperately wanted to set "the world record for staying in only your underwear all day, Mom!" But, I have been pretty mean and made him leave the house with me to run errands, so he hasn't been able to set his record. I guess I will have to set aside an entire day devoted to just staying inside the house so he can finally set his world record! I doubt that he will make it into the Guiness Book, but he can try! I love all my kids so much, but there's definitely a special place inside my heart for my one and only son. I pray every day that he will grow up happy and kind and grow to be a great man like his dad. I am such a lucky mom to have the four best kids in the world!

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